What Types Of Cigar Boxes Are There?

What types of cigar boxes are there? Cigar boxes come in many varieties. Some are old school boxes and some are new. Some humidors come with their own humidification system, while others are simply made of plastic. The classic cigar box can be made of anything from brass to glass to even cardboard. What are a few of the most popular box designs to choose from?

Nailed wood boxes are common and have the most dignified appearance. They are made with a few pieces of wood, small nails and a box hinge. They also have fabric, decorative paper and stickers for branding. They are associated with box-pressed cigars, which are two-layer sets that so tightly fit in cigars, they eventually change their circular shapes into squares.

Another common type of cigar box today is called cabinet or slide lid boxes. Cigars packaged in this type of box are usually meant to be stored for some time. This is so they can age and mature into a truly a delicious smoke. These boxes are usually very plain and have a lid that slides out as opposed to hinged. Others known as 8-9-8 and 13-topper are also popular and get their names from the configuration of the cigars inside. The 8-9-8 variety has eight cigars on the bottom, nine cigars in the middle and eight cigars on the top, while the 13-topper is only two layers with 13 resting on top and 12 making up the bottom.

A cigar box not often seen today is the Cuban chest, which is made of cedar or a strong type of wood. These cigar boxes are carved and highly decorated and tend to be very expensive. Other older varieties include highly decorated tin boxes, upright tin boxes, as well as lunchbox varieties that featured a metal handle and lock. There are also glass cigar boxes, jars and chests that hold the cigars upright.

There is a wide variety of cigar boxes available today, depending on how much you want to spend and what personally appeals to you. Many cigar collectors collect these boxes and cases for nostalgic purposes. Remember that smoke from 1978? That was a good one! Part of the hobby is truly experiencing the smoke, every nuance of it. Learning all you can about cigars and cigar boxes will help you enjoy the hobby all the more so. Puff away and collect a box that truly tells the story.

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