Coffee is Good For Your Skin!

Do you love your daily cup of Joe, and do you also want to look beautiful? The good news is that now both of those needs go hand-in-hand because coffee has also been proven, in addition to its numerous health benefits, to be good for your skin. The first point on the list of Java benefits for your skin is the fact that it is the leading drink containing antioxidants that we as Americans lean to. The brew is chock full of antioxidants, and as a refresher, antioxidants are incredibly good within skin care because they work to neutralize free radicals that run rampant and damage our cells. Once your cells become damaged, that will lead to premature aging and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The mere fact that you are drinking your Java every single day is providing you with antioxidant benefits that will work to fight damage on the surface of your skin, leading to a more beautiful complexion!

Right now, one of the latest advances in Java technology is the fact that the coffee cherry itself, which is the form it takes when it is grown on the plant, has been known to have about three times as much antioxidant content as green tea, a leading skincare ingredient. This is completely interesting because green tea is a popular skin care ingredients for working to protect your face and fight free radicals, as we just discussed. The fact that the coffee berries have almost three times the antioxidant power as green tea means that they are anti-aging powerhouses that we need not take for granted. The cherries are actually being extracted to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, which is the discoloration of the skin in the form of brown spots due to sun damage and age. There are even numerous new skincare lines on the market that use the extract from this cherry as a main anti-aging ingredient, and they have been found to reduce the appearance of fine lines by 46% and smooth skin by 64%.

I find it completely amazing that the Java that Americans so love to drink every day also has multiple benefits for the appearance because this is a beauty breakthrough unlike we have ever had before. When you are looking for effective skincare products, it is completely necessary to look for all-natural and botanical ingredients, so using extracts from the cherry will be an effective anti-aging tool. Caffeine is also known as a vasodilator, which means that it can tighten and firm your skin, as well as reduce the appearance of redness. When you put both of these benefits together within your skincare products, it means that coffee can be used to turn back the clock for a more youthful appearance, as well as tighten the surface of your skin due to its natural caffeine content. Be sure to start your day by drinking a cup of Joe to perk up, and use it to wake up to your skin as well!

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