Automatic Espresso at Your Beck and Call

Italy gave the world espresso and US gave it espresso coffee machines . Any barista able to prepare this wonderful coffee refinement has been hugely successful. And to be able to prepare it at home would be heaven indeed!!! There are a number of espresso coffee machines that you can buy today. You can select from the manual, semi automatic and automatic coffee machines.

The manual coffee machine requires the user to carry out the procedure for brewing the coffee manually by adding water, ground coffee and controlling the froth too.

The semi automatic machine requires the user to start the machine and turn it off once the coffee is ready. These machines require continuous monitoring and user has to ensure that the water reservoir is full and that there is sufficient ground coffee in the grinder.

However, the automatic espresso coffee machines will brew a good cup of coffee without any trouble. They are usually connected to a water supply. All you have to do is to start the machine. They grind the coffee beans and eject the used coffee powder in an internal bin which can be later removed. All the user has to do is to sit back and enjoy the espresso.

With an automatic coffee machine at home, entertaining becomes so easy. Consider setting up an espresso coffee bar for entertainment. Set it up at a convenient location. If it’s an automatic coffee machine, then it should be attached to a water source. Keep the coffee grinding bin stocked fully and decaf beans for those who prefer decaffeinated.

A good collection of glassware  both cappuccino and espresso cups should be available. Keep the espresso cups in the warmer. It will keep your coffee warm for longer. Saucers and stirring spoons should be nearby and hey presto!! Your espresso bar is ready.

What is an espresso bar without the flavorings and toppings!!! Non alcoholic syrups, chocolate syrup, cinnamon powder, cocoa powder and cream can be placed in the bar along with some biscuits and other cookies. Now set your espresso coffee machine whirring to sit back and enjoy that delicious cup of the brew that revives.

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