Different Types Of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids have become a boon for partially deaf people since it enables them to hear properly. There are different types of hearing aids which are available in the market. In the olden days hearing aids were bulky objects placed behind the ears. The latest ones are smaller in size and better than the old ones. All over US, including Butler (PA) and its surrounding areas, the demand for small sized hearing aids have gone up. Listed below are some of the various types of hearing aids:

1.In-the-ear: These machines are smaller in size meant to fit inside the ear. Unlike traditional hearing devices these do not come with a large section which is made to be placed behind the ear nor do they have a tube that runs from the device to the ear. The in-the-ear machines are very comfortable and also not too expensive. People who are interested in an aid which is comparatively less expensive and made to fit inside the ear can opt for this machine. Most residents of major cities in US, like Butler (PA) prefer this type of hearing aid.

2.Behind-the-ear: These are the most used and the biggest among all other hearing aids. It is designed to be placed behind the ear. In order to hear; the sound enters the machine and then passes through a transparent plastic tube connected to the ear. These equipments are the least expensive.

3.In-the-canal: These are smaller than the in-the-ear aids and designed to fit further in the ear so that in-the-canal hearing devices are not easily noticeable. Since they are smaller in size, using the controls sometimes can be difficult. However, due to features like “small size” and “not easily noticeable” these machines are quite expensive.

4.Completely-in-canal: These are the smallest of the lot and require a string to remove them when required. These hearing aids do not have any manual controls and if not properly shown the method of removing them, self-removal of these devices can be quite difficult. It is advised to visit a doctor who can help you, in case you want to get this device out of your ears. Due to its small size these machines are the most expensive of the lot. However, these are completely unnoticeable and have excellent sound quality.

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