Ideas For Purchasing the Perfect Espresso Machine

Everyone needs a good coffee maker. What is the point in even attempting to enjoy a rich cup of gourmet coffee if you do not have an affordable machine that can brew or prepare it properly? You do not have to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars to get the high quality, best tasting espresso.

Important Features that Create Perfect Gourmet Espresso

Creating the perfect cup at home requires the purchase of a great espresso machine. Fortunately great machines often come with a very low price tag. In today’s economy price is a very important factor when planning to purchase anything new. You simply have to know where to look for the most desirable features and prices.

Cup Warmer: A cup warmer is a necessity and is not considered a “high tech” feature. Therefore finding a machine with a cup warmer won’t cause a great increase in price. Cup warmers provide a very warm cup to pour your espresso into. A cold cup takes away from the taste of the brew.

Water Strength Controls: Look for a machine that allows you to be in full control of how much water is used for each pull. The ability to fully control how much water is pushed, and how quickly it is pushed through the grounds, guarantees the perfect cup every time. A pre-moistening cycle is a great addition that moistens the coffee grounds with hot water before pulling the shot. Pre-moistening ultimately pulls out more aromatic oils and creates a more flavorful espresso.

Steam Wand: A steam wand or frothing wand is a must have for anyone planning to make lattes or cappuccinos. A canister for milk isn’t a necessity, but is a nice addition. With the right amount of research you may find a machine that has both without adding a great amount to the cost.

Three Impressive Espresso Machines

The Lavazza Espresso Point EP850: A very reasonably priced machine capable of making gourmet single capsule espressos to your specifications. It also has a steam wand for making delicious cappuccinos or lattes. Unlike many others, this machine is not going to demand counter space. It is smaller than most and just as capable as larger machines. The shiny red appearance will be a beautiful, functioning, and practical addition to your kitchen. Enjoy a different flavor every time you use the machine by purchasing individual espresso pods. Consumers simply love the versatility of this espresso machine.

The Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine: A heavy duty, slightly more expensive machine that’s full of extra features. Features include a 67-ounce water tank that allows more coffee to be brewed in less time and a warming tray to keep coffee warmer longer. A powerful steam wand provides an impressive froth for your espresso enjoyment. Brass lines and brewing head help ensure the temperature is consistent throughout the heating, brewing and distribution processes.

The Starbucks Barista Home Espresso Machine: A compact, reasonably priced and sleek machine that is available in silver or black to match nearly any decor. This machine offers easy to use push-button technology for added simplicity. Don’t let the simplicity of the machine fool you; it is easily powerful enough to provide a nice thick foam also known as “crema”. Unlike other compact brands, this unit offers more than 4 minutes of continuous steaming power to allow you to create multiple drinks without waiting for pressure or heat to build.

Lili Rousso is a coffee aficionada who reviews Gourmet coffees from all around the world. This month she features the Lavazza Gourmet Coffee brand from

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