Modern Bed Can Be Of Different Types

A bed is a piece of furniture commonly used as a place of relaxation or to sleep in. The modern bed may be of different kinds. The most fashionable is the leather bed. In most common beds, there is a mattress which rests on a solid base. In some cases a cuboidal box rests atop four short legs or pillars on which the mattress is spread out and at other times there may be a sprung base. Most beds have a headrest and you can rest against it. Beds designed for babies may have side rails so as to keep them from falling off. Other beds have foot boards as well. The main ingredients which make a bed complete are pillows, blankets and quilts. Though beds vary greatly according to their shapes and sizes, the function is the same.

There are different types of beds. The adjustable bed is a modern bed which can be adjusted to different positions. The inclination and height of such beds can be adjusted. These beds can be found in hospitals and even at homes for homecare. An air bed is another type of modern bed which can be inflated using an air pump. This kind of bed is very useful as it is portable and can be used when there are many guests. For babies, bassinets are used. This is a small cocoon – like bed which helps the baby to stay secure. This bed, when made from light weight materials, is portable. However, some are sturdier and cannot be carried around.

Brass beds are made of brass. Bunk beds are those which have two to three beds one on top of the other. There may be a leather bed on top of one another to make a bunk bed. This type of bed is usually found in dormitories. Earlier, these beds used to be made out of iron or wood. Similar to a bunk bed is a loft bed. This is another type of modern bed which does not have a lower bed. The space below can be used for storing things. There is also the day bed which can be converted into a couch. This serves as a multi purpose kind of furniture, which can be used as a bed as well as a couch. Four poster beds contain four posts – one at every corner of the bed and these support testers.

An iron bed is made of iron as well as steel. Roll away beds can be rolled or pushed away after use. These beds make for easy storage. Some people also use the pallet, which is a light weight mattress. A leather bed is made of leather. It is very comfortable and can come in various shapes and sizes. A leather bed may come with drawers as well. If you are looking for luxury, then a leather bed is what you should be looking for.

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