The Saeco Aroma Espresso Machine – Small Wonder

The home espresso machine market has several leaders worldwide with Saeco International being among them since 1981. Saeco machines have always been known for being long lasting and reliable, and the Saeco Aroma espresso machine continues that trend.

The “manual” and “automatic” descriptions used by Saeco to categorize their machines can be a little confusing.  The Saeco automatic line features built in grinders that grind fresh beans before brewing and the manual machines have no grinder on-board. The Saeco Aroma espresso machine is included in the “manual” category, meaning that this machine does not include the grinding feature.

Don’t let this machine’s small footprint fool you. Although limited counter space is not a problem with the Saeco Aroma, and it still delivers a truly Italian espresso experience. The compact size is ideal for placement on a kitchen or bar counter. The machine is constructed to last and is meant for regular use despite its small size. The durability is evident in the Aroma’s all metal housing, pressurized brass portafilter and stainless steel boiler. The bottom line: this is one high quality machine, especially for the price.  

The portafilter is ESE pod-compatible so you have the option of using the Aroma with prepackaged espresso pods for effortless and quick clean-up. The minimalist control panel features a brew switch the operator uses to control the amount and strength of the coffee. The very effective cup warming area up top works well and is generous in size. It can also be used to store/display espresso cups when not in use. The water chamber and drip tray are simple to remove for refilling and easy cleaning. The controls are very straightforward and simple, providing the operator with an uncomplicated process. You switch between brewing and steaming with the knob located in front while the on/off button is on the side.

There are separate buttons to initiate steaming and brewing. Each of those buttons illuminate to alert the operator as soon as the machine is ready to perform its particular function. You simple turn the machine on and wait until the brew button light goes on and then press the brew button to extract the espresso in the desired amount. Releasing the water pressure at the correct moment ensures a perfect extraction and a thick layer of crema every time.

The machine even dispenses hot water for tea via its steam wand, which by the way also does a great job of frothing and steaming milk. The Aroma’s efficient heating element allows for ample amounts of hot milk for lattes, mochas and cappuccino. The simple brewing features, the frothing tip for perfect foam, the 80 oz. built in water tank and a pump that has 15 BAR of pressure, all make this espresso machine a prime choice for those seeking a medium priced machine that still offers all of the quality that Saeco is known for.

Made in Italy, the Saeco Aroma espresso machine is a great addition to any kitchen. Beautifully designed and constructed, the Aroma offers the ultimate espresso experience at a truly affordable price.

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