Uncover How to Make the Best Home Espresso

What if I told you that the perfect cup of espresso was just a few simple steps away? So many people invest in a beautiful home espresso machine, only to feel daunted by the task and unable to produce what they are looking for. Luckily, with just a few tweaks, your home espresso will be better than ever, leaving your coffee time to be that much more relaxing and enjoyable.

The first thing that you need to consider is that it is worth it to invest in a professional espresso machine. This may be something that could cost you several hundred to a few thousand dollars, but know that you will get what you pay for. If you think about saving money on the cost of your daily latte at Starbucks, then that will quickly add up to more than equal out what you have invested in your home espresso machine. Now let’s get to brewing.

Make sure that you always remove any espresso ground residue from the previous brewing cycle before brewing a new espresso shot. This will directly affect the quality and taste of what you’re about to brew, so it is best to keep your machine clean and in running order. Next, freshly grind your beans for the best taste. Never use previously ground espresso beans because they will have gone stale within a few hours, so for the best taste, you must grind your beans right away before brewing. Many advanced espresso machines do include a grinder within them, which makes for more bang for your buck because you’re getting two machines in one.

From that point, dose 7 g of espresso into the portafilter, and tamp it well. Tamping uses a small tool called a tamper to press down the coffee grounds so that there is an even and full extraction. This will also help to regulate the pressure of the espresso machine by tamping the grounds before brewing. You can also use a brush to sweep away the extra grounds from what you have tamped into the portafilter. You can then place the portafilter into your espresso machine, and make sure to lock it well so that the pressure does not cause anything to spray during the brewing process. Pre-warm your espresso cup (many machines have a warmer on top of the espresso machine to warm your cups), and place it below the portafilter for brewing. You can select on your machine if you would like one shot or two, and make sure that you do not brew for more than 25 seconds. This time should yield one shot of espresso with a rich and velvety crema on top of it. The crema is what true espresso connoisseurs look for because it signifies a full flavor within the shot, and this will get better with time as you perfect your brewing art.

So there you have it! These simple tips will help you to uncover exactly what it takes to brew a perfect espresso, and bring out the inner barista in you!

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