Side Effects of Fish Oil – Common Side Effects and How to Avoid Them

Are you wondering if you’ll have to deal with any side effects of fish oil when taking an omega-3 supplements? This article discusses the potential side effects of fish oil supplementation.

Although none of them are that serious, there are a few sides effects of fish oil supplements that you should be aware of.

You may experience indigestion, heartburn, or acid reflux when taking an omega-3 supplement. To avoid this, all you need to do is take the pills with a meal.

If you are allergic to certain types of fish, then you obviously may not want to be taking an omega-3 supplement (unless it’s flax seed oil, which is made from plant-based omega-3s). If you know that you’re allergic to certain fish like salmon, tuna, hoki, sardines, etc., then never get a supplement that doesn’t say where they get their oils from.

Another one of the more common side effects of fish oil are thin blood and a diminished blood-clotting ability. Since omega-3 fatty acids are natural blood thinners, they make the platelets in your blood less sticky. As a result, it can be a bit harder for your blood to clot when you cut yourself.

If you are on any kind of blood-thinning medication or take and alpha/beta blockers or ACE inhibitors for blood pressure, then you’ll definitely want to speak with your doctor before taking an omega-3 supplement.

Probably the most common side effects of fish oil are burping and repeating. When you get a brand of supplements that aren’t made with fresh oils, the oxidation that has occurred causes an unpleasant burping and repeating effect (which smells and tastes REALLY bad).

This is why it’s always important to make sure you get a supplement from a trustworthy and reputable company- one that uses the best handling and product management practices.

There are some other useful tips you can follow to make sure you avoid most of the side effects of fish oil. It all really comes down to what kind of supplement you get.

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