Herbal Diet Tea – Can it Work For You?

Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight will tell you they’ve searched for a miracle cure. Pills, powders, crash diets and obscure food combining or eliminating programs are all on the cards for the serial dieter, but what about diet tea? Will it work when all else fails? Can this kind of tea, whether it’s Chinese or otherwise, help where all else has failed?

Proven Results

While no one can claim that drinking tea alone will miraculously make pounds melt from your frame, if your diet is so loaded with fat, refined carbs and sugars that you rarely see a vegetable, and if your idea of exercise is changing the channel manually, however, certain diet teas have had proven results.

In many cases, these are high in antioxidants, as well as containing caffeine, the former of which aids digestion, and the latter which suppresses appetite. The combined effect, in recent studies, is that even though two groups consumed the same amount of calories, the one using the diet tea lost more weight. Certain teas have even been found to help boost a flagging metabolism, which helps burn calories faster, giving you better dieting results.

Volume Over Weight

When it comes to our stomach, it’s a pretty simple organ. Fill it, in terms of volume, and you’ll feel full. Of course, if you’re drinking diet tea, that will be taking up some of the space in your stomach, while still releasing those anti oxidants and caffeine, so on a purely mechanical level; it works to keep hunger pangs at bay too.

Beat Bloating

Another benefit of diet tea is that it, like water, well known to be essential in weight loss, will help flush out accumulated toxins in your kidneys. Since it’s those toxins that usually contribute to bloating and water retention, you can say goodbye to those enemies of a trim waistline too. Again, add to that the appetite suppression, and digestive aid, and you’ve got a triple effect system. Which is why diet tea is sometimes a better idea than water!

What You Do Need to Do

So we’ve established that diet tea could be the one thing that helps you lose weight, and maintain your goal weight, with all these benefits and more. Of course, tea alone won’t solve all your weight loss problems. You’ll still need to watch your calorie intake, and make healthier choices. It’s also a good idea, for your general health and wellbeing, if nothing else, to start exercising a little more.

Diet tea will undoubtedly make losing weight easier, but remember, there’s no miracle cure! If you supersize your takeout order, and wash it down with tea, it won’t make those calories disappear – this isn’t magic we’re talking about here!

What it will do for you is help suppress cravings, and help kick your metabolism up a notch or two, while aiding in digestion, and banishing water retention. That, combined with sensible eating, and moderate exercise, should be more than enough to shift the extra weight you may be carrying.

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