How to Make Espresso Like a Professional Barista

All professional coffee makers (baristas) have their own method to make the perfect espresso. Learn how to make espresso means using the best ingredients. The first ingredient is water. Everything else depends on the right quality and temperature of the water that you use. Using stale unclean and not properly filtered water can spoil all your efforts. The right temperature should be just below boiling point.

To the coffee – the best tasting coffee is grown above 3000 feet above sea-level. This is arabica coffee. The Coffee grown below this level is called Robusta, this type has less flavor and more caffeine. The coffee beans should be freshly roasted. Espresso beans have roasted longer to result in a finer ground later. The best way to grind espresso is to use an grinder which is especially for grinding espresso beans and to grind only as much as you need.

The two main types of burr grinders used are flat and cone-shaped. Cone-shaped burr coffee grinders are preferable because they offer the greater surface for each coffee particle which increases the amount of flavor that you an get out of the coffee. Since a Cone-shaped espresso burr grinder has much longer blades, which can turn slower, this assures that the grounds don’t get too warm thus losing their flavor.

For a good espresso you need a good quality espresso machine which should be cleaned immediately after use. This prevents tainting tomorrows coffee. The pump must be able to produce a pressure between 9 and 10 bar. A lower pressure will give you less flavor and less or no crema. Do not use steam-pressure machines. To make your espresso start by warming up your machine to the right temperature and to clean it by producing some cups of hot water.

Only then go to the next step, by filling your espresso machine with the right water and the espresso grounds or, if it has a built in grinder, with espresso beans. The traditional espresso machine has a hopper which is filled with espresso ground, before you put the hopper on the machine stamp the grounds slightly. Now firmly mount the hopper. Make sure it is attached in the right manner. Then preheat your espresso cup with hot water.

Put the empty cup under the outlet and press start and presto within seconds you have made your first hot cup of espresso. This is how to make espresso and if you don’t add sugar or milk you have a drink with zero calories. To make a latte machiatto your make frothed milk using the frother on your machine. Put this in a heat-prove glass then carefully add you espresso. For cappuccino heat a half cup of milk until it froths, put this on top of your espresso, sprinkle some cocoa powder on top. Add sugar to taste. Presto! Enjoy your espresso!

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