Herbal Sleep Aid Melatonin – The Three Types Of Sleeping Aids

Herbal Sleep Aid Melatonin

A good sleeping habit has many benefits. For starters, it can:

* Improve your health
* Reduce excess weight
* Boost your immune system
* Improve your metabolism
* Make you feel better

The average human body requires eight hours of sleep every 24 hours. However, in our day and age, getting enough sleep can be a problem. Mix this with a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle, and your sleeping problems may even lead to long term physical problems. Herbal Sleep Aid Melatonin

So if you have this problem, you will obviously want to try some sleeping aids. And no, you have plenty of options besides sleeping pills. There are other ways you can restore your sleeping cycle without resorting to medication.


Aromatherapy is based on essential oils and various compounds. When used it induces a light feeling in a person in order to help induce sleep.

Many variants of Aromatherapy use different ingredients, most notable of which are Neroli, Chamomile, Sage, Lavender, Mandarin, Rose, Sandalwood, etc. Although Aromatherapy may be used in a variety of ways, as far as sleeping goes, you may want to start with incense sticks, or if your prefer a pot on which to burn some aromatic leaves. Herbal Sleep Aid Melatonin

Foods and Drinks

Although some people may scoff at the idea, eating certain types of foods can be better at inducing sleep than some sleeping pills. A good and popular example would be a warm glass of milk however any type of food with considerable calcium and magnesium content can help you achieve a state of rest. And as we all know, milk contains plenty of calcium. However, if you want Magnesium, you can easily get that from most types of nuts and grains. Aside from sleep inducing properties, you should also remember that eating these kinds of foods is good for one’s health.

Sleeping Pills

People who have a serious case of insomnia will have no other choice but to try sleeping pills. But before you start using them, you should first try to learn a little about them. Sleeping pills contain a substance called Melatonin, which is actually a hormone in the human body that helps it achieve a state of rest. In cases where the body’s melatonin levels are low, insomnia is likely to set in.

However, most sleeping pills are not really long term solutions and should be used only in situations where your natural sleeping cycle has been interrupted by external conditions.

To finish up, even though lack of sleep may not damage your health in the short term, if allowed to continue, it may lead to more serious problems. So if you have this problem, you may have no other choice but to use a sleeping aid in order to regain your normal sleeping cycle. Herbal Sleep Aid Melatonin

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