Teeth Whitening Side Effects

There are so many reasons why your teeth get discoloured. Darkly coloured items like tea and coffee, acidic foods like citrus and fruit juices, smoking and tobacco, or perhaps antibiotics such as tetracycline all lead to stained tooth enamel. Due to these contributors, teeth whitening strategies have been utilised by dentists all around the planet to combat teeth discoloration.

Tooth whitening is frequently referred to as dental bleaching. There are numerous ways by which teeth whitening is gained. Chemical methods are the use of bleaching strips, pens, gels, lasers and natural bleaching. Mechanical methods on the other hand, are the employment of whitening toothpastes that help get rid of superficial stains on the surface of teeth.

When large concentrations of oxidizing agents come in communication with other unprotected tissues like mucous membranes in the mouth, chemical burns may develop. They may even bleach or darken these areas. You can also have excessively bleached teeth known as hyperodonto-oxidation. Although, some may get rebound bleaching.

A more dangerous study in Georgetown college even reveals that hydrogen peroxides can be a major factor for tongue cancer, which is a huge teeth whitening side effects issue.

Once you have read about all these, it is important to notice that tooth whitening needs an expert viewpoint. This suggests that people should check with their dentists first before trying chemical methods of dental bleaching. When you have your teeth bleached in dental hospitals, dentists protect the gum tissues and mucous membranes from undesirable spillage of bleaching agents.

Here is the bottom line. Home whitening systems work best at giving you your best grin when you know the possible risks that go with them, and once you have previously consulted a professional for help. You definitely don’t want to finish up maintaining a zipped mouth because of teeth whitening side effects, isn’t it? So find the greatest whitening treatment for you.

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