Home Espresso Machine ? Brew A Cup of Espresso In Your Home

More of us are learning to enjoy the different flavours and ways of making coffee because of our visits to coffee houses and cafes and want to make them at home. Also the rising cost of coffee beverages in cafes has driven many people into purchasing their own home espresso machine to enable them to enjoy these brews at home.

Coffee making machines are fast growing in popularity in the UK. More and more I find that when I visit the homes of friends and family I am offered an espresso, latte or cappuccino rather than the cup of tea that used to be offered. A few years ago it would have been unusual and I would have been impressed, now it seems quite normal. The coffee makers found being sold are categorized into super automatic, manual and semi automatic type machines.


This category of home espresso machines do not all use electricity as they can be operated by human beings manually applying pressure through a piston which extracts the coffee. The water may have to be separately heated and the beans ground manually. However, the speed, extraction pressure and timing is controlled by a control which is provided on these machines. These lever operated machines are not always easy to master but when you do the coffee that they produce is the best. A good example of a non electric manual model is the award winning Presso Coffee Maker.

Semi Automatic

Considered the most popular of all espresso machine types, the semi automatic espresso machines are powered by electricity and there are many different models available to choose from. They don’t occupy a lot of space hence they are ideal for most people as they can be placed on counter tops.

Super Automatic

These are highly automated home espresso makers in which all functionalities are programmed hence eliminating the need for the brewing chamber, grinding beans, monitoring pressure and cleaning the filter baskets, the more advanced ones can even automatically froth milk. Everything is done with the click of a button with these super models.

Combined Coffee Machines

My favourite is models which you can use to make a variety of different brews that you can never get bored with. With these machines you can not only make espresso but cappuccino, latte, mocha, hot chocolate and even a cup of tea!

Whichever home espresso machine you choose I’m sure that you will enjoy brewing your own just as much if not more than the drinks to be found in coffee bars.

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