Types Of Nebulizer Machines

Here are some categories of Nebulizer machine

Nebulizer machine, commonly manufactured for asthmatic patients, which is a pump which is used for inhaling medicine with the use of room air pressure, to be used only four times in a day with proper doctors prescription. Various varieties of nebulizer machines are available in the market. Some of them are listed below:

DeVilbiss PulmoNeb Nebulizer Machine
The DeVilbiss nebulizer machine comprises of AC powered air compressor, which can be used by the adult and pediatric patients.
The PulmoNeb Nebulizer machine is sensitively designed in order to give high class results and is durable, reliable nebulizer machine. Its working is so simple so that people can operate them very easily with no complexity. Some features of nebulizer machine are:
-Simple cord-wrap design
-Convenient nebulizer holder
-Easy access
-More compressor pressure
-More reliable and lesser chances of leak
-Integral wire guides in order to enhance your systems reliability.
-Includes tubing
-Contains users guide make people easy to operate nebulizer machine
DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide Nebulizer
The DeVilbiss Pulmo Aide Nebulizer machine provides aerosol treatment and it is an approved compressor for use with tobramycin solution for inhalation. Its performance, results and quality is just superb.
The AIRIAL Mini Jet Adult Nebulizer Machine
The aerial mini jet adult nebulizer machine is very easy to easy as it is light weight and have compact design. If you buy this nebulizer machine you will get: compressor, tubing and nebulizer cup
Drive Portable Neb-To-Go Traveler Nebulizer
The drive portable neb- to-go traveler nebulizer is very thin andyou can carry it in your hand even hence, it is highly mobile and convenient as it is very light weighted also. On buying this nebulizer machine you will also get:
-Portable battery pack
-AC and DC adapter
-Adult mask
-Pediatric mask
-Mouth piece
-Air filter
-Carrying case to carry it conveniently
-Video containing instructions how operate nebulizer machine.

Respironics Inspiration Elite Compressor Nebulizer Machine
The Respironics inspiration elite compressor nebulizer machine is latest product in nebulizer family. Some features of this nebulizer machine are:
-Easy to use
-Easy to maintain
-Provides freedom to use
DeVilbiss Traveler Portable Nebulizer System
The DeVilbiss traveler portable nebulizer system is best when you are away from home as it is very easy to carry. its package includes:
Compressor Nebulizer Machine
Rechargeable Battery
Reusable Nebulizer & Tubing
Disposable Nebulizer & Tubing
AC Adapter and DC car adapter
Instructional guide as well as DVD
Adult mask

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