Synephrine Side Effects

Bitter Orange and Synephrine – the truth!
Citrus Aurantium
Bitter orange also known as sour orange, bigarade orange, marmalade orange and neroli is the fruit of the citrus aurantium evergreen tree native to southern Vietnam.
Through a series of special processes, oil from the peel is extracted. Its unique oil extract produces a strong smell and is very often used by herbalists. It is particularly useful as a natural alternative for a variety of health problems.
Synephrine is present in the bitter orange peel.
What are the common uses of citrus aurantium extract?
With similar effects to ephedrine (which was banned in weight-control supplements in 2004) bitter orange extract is present in a number of weight loss products.It is quite unlike ephedrine, but is often compared to this substance previously used in weight loss. One of the various components present in bitter orange extract is synephrine which is often thought to be effective in promoting fat burning and weight loss due to the following qualities:

A huge advantage of bitter orange is that synephrine side effects differ or at least are thought to with those associated with the use of ephedrine, but is still effective. This is due to the combined adrenergic amines in citrus aurantium extract, they can stimulate beta-3 receptors, which break fat down without a significant impact on other receptor sites. In theory, this results in the fat burning effects of an increased metabolism without affecting blood pressure or heart rate.

Is bitter orange in weight loss effective?
Just how effective bitter orange in weight loss is not yet confirmed; however consumers repeatedly report significant weight loss after taking bitter orange extract , without the side effects associated with other weight loss supplements.
Bitter orange extract is reportedly most effective when combined with caffeine and St John’s Wort.

Does citrus aurantium have side effects?
As a supplement available in the majority of countries only as ‘alternative’, the effects of bitter orange extract, and more precisely the side effects of its active component synephrine, remain under constant debate.
Among the reported side effects of bitter orange extract (synephrine side effects) is it can affect a number of users with a history of illness, especially those with heart or blood pressure irregularities.
However, many users of bitter orange for weight loss say they are very pleased with effectively losing weight directly because they have taken synephrine or citrus aurantium extract.

Closely related to, synephrine has replaced the ephedra content of many popular fat burning drugs (as ephedra is not only not supported by thge FDA, it is actually illegal in many countries). It is present in many fat burners as synephrine hcl, or it can be derived from citrus aurantium, also known as ‘bitter orange’. One of the patented forms of synephrine is called Advantra Z. It still remains a mystery to many exactly what is in the content of the fat burners on the market, and often it is the cast that the citrus aurantium is actually contained in various strengths of doses but is supplemented by caffeine or other substances which give a natural high and add to buzz. Stimulating the central nervous system is known to help weight loss, but, as is the case with Citrus Aurantium, it is proven to aid weight loss without this stimulation, this is also the case with caffeine (and of course some of the more illegal street drugs and anphetemines).

Retailers claim synephrine offers all the “fat burning” benefits of ephedra without any of the annoying side effects – such as the sleeplessness, what is often referred to as the jitters, elevated blood pressure and heart rate, etc, etc.
.As it is said to work as a sedative, it is often used for anxiety elimination, insomnia treatment, as well as for the relieving of pain and headaches.″>Bitter orange extract″>Bitter orange extract

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