Latte Vs Cappuccino

Generally, when we consider the types of coffee there is always a huge fight between the latte vs cappuccino! The coffee literates go for a clash to symbolize the best one. Even the pronoun cation  varies. Thus, the Latte is pronounced as the ‘laa-tay’ and cappuccino is pronounced as the ‘cap-o-chene-o’. But, actually there are many differences between the latte and cappuccino.

General Difference Between Latte and Cappuccino:
In most of the coffee shops both the latte and cappuccino are made from a poor quality espresso and it is topped with a lot of milk and foam. However, it is important to understand and differentiate the taste which can’t be probably interchanged.

What is a Latte?
The Latte originally comes from the Italian and it is known as a caffelatte. You can find this latte taste in most of the countries. To get the right coffee, you should know the name in all the languages. Thus  it is known as the cafe Au lait in French, cafe con leche in Spanish and Milchkaffee in German. If you have to translate the latte into simple English, then it simply means the ‘coffee and milk’. It is often accompanied during the breakfast. The Latte is actually called as the double shot of espresso topped with steamed milk. The Latte does not have a milk forth or frothed milk. It gives you a  energetic breakfast because  it has a generous quantity of milk in it.

The right method to serve the latte is in a 7-8 oz glass. The glass is important, so that the customer can easily amount the quantity level of coffee. In some cafes, you will come across the foam topping to the latte. You can also perform some art on the latte. This latte art is used as an extra attraction to the coffee. The designs include the shape of a heart or a leaf.

What is Cappuccino?
The main difference between a latte and cappuccino are their composition, taste and the nature of this coffee. The Cappuccino consists of an espresso, steamed milk and foamed or frothed milk in equal quantities. It is the cappuccino which ideally have a thick layer of foam on it. The Actual cappuccino coffee is stronger than the latte coffee. But it should not be bitter to taste, thus they should be evenly balanced.

Generally, there are two types of cappuccino namely the ‘wet’ and ‘dry’. The quantity of milk used is the only difference between these two types. The Dry cappuccino has more foam, less milk and the wet cappuccino consists of  more milk and less foam.

Usually, the Latte is served in a glass whereas a cappuccino should be served in a porcelain cup. The cup should consist of 6-7 oz coffee in it. Basically, these cappuccino cups should often have a large mouth and a narrow base. why is the cappuccino served in these porcelain cups? Because, the porcelain only retains the heat better as compared to the other materials. The garnishing used on a cappuccino is  nothing but the cinnamon. The Cinnamon powder is simply dusted on the cappuccino.

Obviously, the next important part between the latte vs cappuccino are their calories. In general, the calories differ from each other. If you are still confused and if you  are weight conscious, then you can simply opt for a cup of cappuccino as it has lesser calories compared to a latte.

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