How to Buy Coffee Direct From the Source

When you buy coffee direct from the roaster, you don’t get a middleman that will interfere with the timely delivery of your java. The truth is that the peak of flavor in coffee beans is immediately after they are roasted, so any coffee connoisseur will immediately take notice of this fact. Once coffee is roasted, the internal freshness clock starts ticking, and you are on borrowed time before you are in the land of stale supermarket coffee. This coffee, unfortunately, is ground months before it even hits the shelves, yet that is all that some people know of coffee. It’s a sin because almost all of that coffee has already dissipated.

If you cut out the middleman and buy coffee direct, you’ll find that the coffee is cheaper, fresher, and tastier. You also will be able to try out thousands of different types of coffee instead of just hazelnut and stale bean. You can easily find stores to buy your coffee direct online that will sell dark, light, and different types of blends. You can even buy Kona coffee and get it so fresh, you can almost hear the Hawaiian music. Just keep in mind that flying your coffee in to get the best flavor possible, may become very costly.

Even though flying the coffee in on a plane may be costly, in general, the price of online coffee is only a fraction of what it is in the supermarket for gourmet coffee. Of course, you can buy it in bulk, but if you do that, you will find that you’ll have to drink it before it gets stale. You have to buy about 10-25 pounds of coffee in order to start seeing bulk discounts, so it may be a good idea to start a local coffee club to help defray the cost.

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