Effects Of Dry Eyes On Your Sight

Dry eye is a serious eye condition. It results when our eyes are not able to procure sufficient tears required to maintain normal eyesight. Dry eyes occur due to insufficient tears, which are very important for normal lubrication of our eyes.

Normally, in such a situation, the tear film of the eyes dries out. It is caused due to various factors like changing environments, allergies, excessive heat or cold, ageing factors, menopause, Arthritis and intake of various drugs and their resultant reactions.

The onset of this disease causes a lot of discomfort and pain. If this problem is left untreated for a long time, it hampers the eyesight to a great extent. Dry eyes sometimes lead to permanent damage of the eyesight too. Dry eyes cause lots of irritability and dryness to the eyes. It also leads to dryness of the mouth.

Dry eye also increase the risk of various infections. There is a feeling of an outside body or particle in the eye. This leads to redness of the eyes, itching, constant scratching and blurred vision at times. Many times, a person notices excessive tears rolling down. If left untreated, dry eyes can cause irritation and inflammation to the front of eyes.

Though there is no complete cure for this disease. However, recent development in the medicinal field has helped to marginally solve this problem of treating the dry eyes. A few treatments as prescribed consist of dry eye vitamin gel capsules, oil tablets, dry eye drops and insertion of plugs in the eyes. There is a need to regularly go for eye check ups. Dry eyes if not treated at the right time can also lead to a severe damage of the cornea. It is very necessary to go the dept of the problem to eradicate the dry eye problem.

Smoking leads to increasing the risk of dry eyes. Hence, it is necessary to reduce the habit of smoking as far as possible. Blinking of eyes is also another good solution to prevent dry eyes. There are also artificial tears easily available in the market that you can consider for addressing the problem of dry eyes.

Dry eyes can have serious effects on your eyes, if you neglect the problem for long. It makes our eyes red and painful. It causes discharge, inflammation, joint pains, dry mouth and bulging of eyes. It is caused when the tears produced by the eyes are insufficient in producing moisture, lubrication and other features that help keep the eyes remain protected.

Dry eyes are more increased in a rough weather condition. Hence, proper treatment is necessary at the initial stage to cure the dry eyes at the earliest. If you ignore the problem for long, it can also lead to permanent impairment of the eyesight.

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