What Are the 3 Most Popular Ways to Brew Coffee?

You have to hand it to coffee because it definitely is a popular drink, which is why it is worthwhile to find out the three most popular ways to create your brew so that you can stay ahead of the game. They are much easier than you think, and they will truly be a wonderful way to start the day in your custom cup of Joe!

Let’s start with the easiest, shall we? The most popular method of coffee brewing is definitely the traditional drip brew method. This is where you use your trusty home coffee maker and paper filters. You will place fresh coffee grounds (they need to be fresh!) within the paper filter, and hot water will be pushed through the coffee grounds in the filter to create a final brew product. Though this is the most convenient method of coffee brewing, it is also the most controversial because paper filters will trap tasty essential oils from the coffee beans and compromise your final brew product. Many coffee connoisseurs argue that this is not the purest method of coffee brewing, but it does have to be the most popular since drip brew coffee makers can be found in almost every home and office.

Next in line is the French Press, which is an incredibly effective way to brew your Java. Many people have not yet tried a French Press because they feel intimidated by the method, but it actually is so much simpler than you think. It takes just as much time as a drip brew coffee maker, but the benefit is that a French Press does not use paper filters so your final coffee product will have the taste of essential oils inside of it for a fuller and more robust flavor. All you have to do is heat up hot water on your stove, but make sure not to let it boil because that will potentially burn the fresh coffee grounds. Place several tablespoons of fresh coffee grounds in your French Press, and then fill it up with hot water. You will let it steep for four minutes, and then plunge down the press so the grounds are pushed to the bottom and separated from the final brew product. Both easy and delicious!

Last, but not least, is the espresso method of coffee brewing. Espresso has definitely become more popular in the United States over the past decade thanks to our friend Starbucks. However, if you want a truly great espresso, then you need to take matters into your own hands and began to brew at home on your home espresso machine. Home espresso machines are becoming more popular than ever simply because they are increasingly user-friendly and produce a premium espresso product within seconds. An ideal espresso shot should brew in about 25 seconds and have a nutty colored foam on top called a crema.

With all this information, you have everything you need to select the right coffee brewing method for you. Bottoms up!

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