Coffee Continues To Be Popular

Coffee, according to some statistics, is the third most popular drink in the world trailing behind water and tea. People drink it usually hot but sometimes cold. There are any number of ways to prepare it.

One method is to simply brew it. Grind the beans to a grainy powder, pour boiling water over them, and let it drip through a filter into a cup or a pot below. This can be achieved manually, or with the use of a special coffee maker that heats the water and drips it over the grinds automatically.

Another way is to use a french press. This method involves combining the hot water and ground coffee together in a cylindrical carafe. The carafe has a top filter which fits snugly into it. When the filter is pressed down, it pushes all the grounds to the bottom, leaving the flavored liquid with a high concentration of the beans’ oils and flavor. It’s kind of a variation on the old traditional Turkish coffee, where the grounds and hot water were boiled together. But with Turkish, the grounds are left to sink to the bottom of the cup on their own.

Still today in Turkey, it is served this way. And when the cup is finished and the grounds are left in a big gooey blob at the bottom, there is a tradition of placing the saucer on top of the cup and inverting it, setting it on the table for five to ten minutes to allow the sediment to drip onto the saucer. The cup is then removed and returned to its upright position, and the designs left on the sides of the cup are examined for images. The images are said to depict what is likely to happen in the drinker’s future.

Espresso is another form and means of preparing it. There are special blends of beans labelled espresso, and they are prepared with a higher pressurized force of water. It is a more concentrated beverage, sometimes for drinking on its own and sometimes used as an ingredient in other coffee drinks.

Some people drink it with cream. Cream can mean milk, skim milk, or half and half. Many people like to sweeten it with sugar or sugar substitutes. It can also be served in more extravagant ways, like as a latte or a mocha. Lattes are made with steamed milk and a shot of espresso, while mochas are pretty much the same but with cocoa added to the milk.

Whichever way it is prepared, it usually has a stimulating effect, most likely because it contains caffeine. A lot of people like to start their day with a cup or two, for the boost of energy it provides. There’s ongoing debate within the medical community whether or not caffeine is addictive. There’s evidence to indicate that it is and there’s evidence to indicate that it isn’t.

Coffee begins as a berry, the seed of which is harvested. That seed is the bean, which then goes through processes including roasting and ultimately grinding. It’s an age-old tradition that looks likely to continue forever.

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