Looking into History of Coffee

Turkey being the closest neighbor of Europe, then transported coffee into Europe. In start, it was believed that Pope may ban coffee declaring it as the drink of devil but to surprise for many people, Pope himself found to be an admirer of coffee and latterly declared coffee as a truly Christian beverage. Coffee became love of Europe very quickly and it was just a start of great success of this amazing drink.
A French captain took a plant of coffee with him to Caribbean and this one plant produced more than 20 million coffee trees within next half century. Coffee was at that time already entered into many regions of Central and Southern America. Latterly American legislators declare coffee as the national drink of the region in protest of the extra ordinary taxes on tea which were imposed by the British.
Today coffee has formed various shapes. Coffee is now a multi million dollar business around the world. There are hundred of thousand coffee bars. In early 19th century, French invented espresso machine. The idea was quickly adopted by Italians and espresso became an important ingredient of Italian society. There are more than 250,000 espresso coffee bars in Italy.
The popularity of coffee can be imagined by the size of business it is doing in today’s fast era. It is confirmed that coffee business is the second largest business of the world after oil trade. There are many European countries producing coffee and it has become their on the main exports. For instance, if you take example of Brazil, there are more than 3.5 billion coffee plants in Brazil which are providing employment opportunities to more than 6.5 million Brazilians.
Coffee is gaining popularity since it was discovered in Africa. Each country and society invented its own method to prepare. By these several experiments, now coffee has different tastes each of which are liked by the people everywhere in the world. Mostly commonly known coffee methods are espresso coffee, roasted coffee, Turkish coffee, fresh coffee, cappuccino coffee, premium coffee. You can coffee bars in all cities and towns of many countries offering best coffee tastes. Cappuccino coffee is one of the most popular tastes. Cappuccino coffee is prepared with espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam. The milk foam on top of the cappuccino helps the coffee stay hotter for long time and user can enjoy the best taste. No matter which taste you like, the main ingredient of the drink i.e. coffee will boost your energy and refresh you whenever you have a cup of coffee.

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