Brands histrory

I’ll start with the famous “crocodile” brand men’s clothing – this is gucci shoes for women.
The French company, founded in 1933 by Rene gucci shoes for women, began to manufacture sports shirts for playing tennis. But time flies and nothing stands still. The company developed and currently produces a collection of clothes for both men and women, clothing for sports and every day, shoes, perfumes, watches, as well as bags and a lot of small leather accessories. Learn brand gucci shoes for women is possible for a green crocodile, which is a proprietary logo of gucci shoes for women.
gucci shoes for women-the clothes for sports, not just men from is a line of clothing for men, sports, and every day, there is also a clothing and home. Find clothes for men can be in retail stores, but also on the shelves drains it falls are not uncommon, as they say “who are looking for, will always find.” 

BAON. Everything started as usual, in 1976 in Sweden, in the city of Malmö Björn two men, Anders and Olof Nilsson, opened a small workshop for production of men’s clothing for hiking and exploration missions, everything was done in small batches on special orders, but in the middle of the 80 – x under the brand «Baon» Steel developed new lines of clothing for expeditions, but also for everyday wear.
After the deal in 1992 with Russia Baon began producing exclusive menswear collections for the Russian consumer. But in 1995 Russia supplied virtually all of its products.
Since 1996, the company has completely taken over by Russia and became more focused on the menswear-style casual.
Baon continues to evolve, now in the range of not only men’s clothing, but accessories for skiing, handbags, backpacks, and jersey. Across, scattered over 120 shops, among them are Baon stock, which will buy men’s clothes from this company with pleasant for a purse discount.
Baon-a men’s clothing for those who love freedom, comfort and recreation!

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