What You Need to Know About Fair Trade Coffee

If you are an educated Java drinker than I am sure that you have come across the term “Fair Trade Coffee” at some time or another. If this term is something that baffles you, then I am here to tell you all that you need to know about Fair Trade harvets in this day and age. Basically, the Fair Trade movement was formulated to help protect Java producers in developing countries to ensure that they will get a fair price in their wages from bean harvesting. The Fair Trade market includes fruit and spices as well as coffee, and it does help to offer stability to the farmers of these goods within their market. Right now, the Fair Trade minimum price per pound of the bean is $ 1.35, and $ 1.55 for organically grown bean harvests. The whole point of this controlled and guaranteed cost of the bean harvest is so that the producers of these beans can have fair wages and additional income to invest in future quality Java crops. If everything goes according to plan, then the product that comes out of this type of design will be even higher quality for the consumer.

Coffee is actually the most marketable Fair Trade product, and the demand for it has increased by 56% in the past few years. Using this type of product is even beneficial to bean roasters since there is an additional demand for it from their consumers. Over the past 10 years the amount of Fair Trade beans that has been purchased from roasters in the United States has increased by nearly 68 million. Astonishing! Another benefit to the wages guaranteed by in this process is that the harvesters can now improve the quality crops by growing them in shaded areas which will give them an even higher priced final crop because it is a more eco-friendly bean plant type. This is in comparison to those non-Fair Trade farmers who grow sun-grown plants that are seen as less eco-friendly because they are a part of cutting down forests and using harmful pesticides that affect our environment.

The last thing for you to understand as a savvy Java drinker is that Fair Trade is not a specific type of bean but instead, it is a coffee processing label for any type of whole bean that is harvested under these regulated and safe conditions. Looking for a Fair Trade label on your coffee will up the chances that your brew was grown with eco-friendly protection and high quality control since the majority of this type of bean is currently shade grown. If you are a normal Java drinker out there, which is the average of the American population, then you will not only be doing yourself a favor by choosing Fair Trade beans, but you will also be helping the environment and world systems. It is easy to forget where your Java comes from and how it came to be in your cup, but this simple awareness will do more good than you even know.

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