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Created in 1996 in honor of our 25th anniversary, Starbucks? Anniversary Blend is a big, bold, full-bodied blend of Asia/Pacific coffees highlighted by the addition of spicy, Aged Indonesian beans.

When creating Starbucks Anniversary Blend, we wanted it to be big, bold and full-bodied, and stand up to a courageous dark roast. With those requirements in mind, our buyers’ favorite Asia Pacific coffees (and in some cases, their aged counterparts) were the starting points for this very special blend. The aged coffees deepen the earthiness and spiciness of this blend. This coffee celebrates the spirit of Starbucks and our coffee expertise.

Real iced coffee in an instant how cool is that? Pretty cool, actually. Because summer is no time to stop enjoying the bold, satisfying taste of Starbucks? coffee.

When the weather warms up, all it takes is a few seconds to brew up some refreshing Starbucks VIA? Iced Coffee. Lightly sweetened with cane sugar and specially designed for mixing with cold water, each packet brews up a rich and tasty 16 fl. oz. of 100% natural roasted coffee. Serve over ice to add an extra bit of chill to your chill-out time.
Ethiopia Limu by Starbucks Coffee

A special single origin coffee at its peak of flavor.

Coffee is an important part of social and cultural life in Ethiopia, marked by daily ceremonies. This coffee flourishes on lush, forested plateaus, more than 1,700 meters above the arid lowlands of southwest Ethiopia. Cultivated on small family farms, where meticulous care is given to each plant, and the beans are picked by hand, Ethiopia Limu has a rich complexity with hints of exotic spices.
So imagine our delight when we combined high-quality Latin American arabica coffee with carefully selected natural ingredients to create an ambrosial caramel concoction. Our coffee is a rich, dark complement to caramel’s confectionary charm – a deep, satisfying brew with just the right drizzle of buttery sweetness.

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