Cosmetic Surgery ? Risks and Benefits

Cosmetic surgery is the latest fad amongst the youth of this era. Many individuals opt for this type of surgery for various reasons. In simple words, it has revolutionized the world of medicine. These days it is one of the most popular treatments discussed by people everywhere because of the benefits associated with it.

Some people are opting to head south of the border to Mexico and other locations for low-cost cosmetic surgery, only to find less than ideal operating conditions and doctors who are not adequately trained. Serious complications can result-so just as you would check out your surgeon here, check out your surgeon anywhere-maybe even more carefully.

Cosmetic surgery benefits no one but a very few of us, and definitely fills the pockets of doctors who practice it on us. There are three types of cosmetic surgery. Corrective and Redemptive and Elective. Further sub-types are laser-invasive, surgical and non-invasive. Corrective: Repairing a hair-lip or malformed nose is corrective. By all means do it. A hair lip can lead to other complications as you age, and a malformed nose will cause breathing and sensory deficiency. These should be corrected.

One of the benefits of having surgery is the return of confidence to a person who used to avoid people due to his increasing weight and bulky posture. It gives a boost to self esteem of the person who used to remain dormant. After getting through the surgery, people can fit themselves in the clothes which they were not able to wear before due to a fatty posture.

Lipodissolve therapy is a new, non-invasive way to get rid of extra weight and ugly cellulite. A naturally occurring enzyme solution and soy, called phosphatidylcholine deoxycholate (PCDC), is “micro-injected” into the mid-layer of fat, and permanently-yes, permanently-dissolves fat deposits. Lipodissolve can be done on the abs, buttocks, love handles, chin and thighs.

Other benefits refer not only to body sculpture and to smooth, natural contour and firmly remodeled body, but to rapid recovery of the patient and postoperative signs, which are almost invisible, and disappear in time. Following the speed and the fact that the degree of psychological stress is almost non invasive, the recovery is accelerated and can be done at home.

Collagen implants are a simple anti-ageing treatment that many people rely on to get rid of wrinkles in the area of the face. When skin lacks the appropriate amount of collagen, wrinkles are the result. Essentially, collagen injections are very much like Botox injections except it is collagen that is injected into the wrinkled areas of one’s skin instead of Botox.

There are enlargement pumps, which are devices that pull them outward, which in turn pull fluid into the affected which creates fullness within hours. Normally these are inexpensive and you can use them whenever you feel as though you need plumping. You will need to use these with a cream so that your skin remains moist during the process.

Gastric Bypass surgery, while not often considered “cosmetic surgery” can be viewed as a surgery to improve appearances. Like liposuction, it reduces an individual’s weight through surgical means. However, the health benefits of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight are well documented and accepted. Losing weight is a perfect example of how health benefits and aesthetic benefits can both result from the same surgical procedures.

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