Five Interesting Facts You Should Know About The History Of Coffee Makers

Keurig K-Cups and other similar coffee makers have consistently remained a necessity in homes and restaurants around the world. These days, with people wanting to get a java jolt before commencing with their day, this is quite true. Here is the story on how coffeemakers were created:

The coffeemaker was invented to make coffee more convenient

Coffee makers were created to make the coffee making procedure easier. A multitude of tools was needed in the old times to make coffee, and it was quite an onerous process. By introducing the coffeemaker, people could have coffee with much less effort. Under this principle, several models were invented, including the vacuum, percolator and the drip coffeemakers. Although these models use different processes, they are all made for the purpose of making coffee.

The vacuum coffeemaker was invented in the 1840’s

Even though people have been drinking coffee for many years, the first coffee maker was not invented until the mid 1800?s. Sometime in the 1840s, vacuum brewers made their debut. This model is divided into 2 reservoirs which are connected by a tube. The water is boiled in the reservoir at the bottom and bubbles up into the top reservoir, thereby brewing the coffee. When the bottom reservoir is completely empty, the pot is taken away from the source of heat, creating a vacuum effect which causes the coffee to be sucked back into the bottom reservoir.

The percolator was patented in the 1860’s

First came the percolator in the 19th century. The same technology was later used to invent the drip coffee maker. It works by filling a strainer with coffee grounds and then pouring boiling hot water through the grounds in the strainer. Often, this method is repeated again and again till the time coffee is ready.

The drip brewer became commercially available in the 1960’s

The type of coffeemaker that is most commonly found in homes throughout the United States is the ever-popular drip model. This model became commercially available in the 1960’s. Partial boiling and bubbles are the effective way the drip brewer works. The bubbles make the hot water flow to a tube and into a second area where the coffee grounds brew. The finished product drips into the pot at the end which is coffee.

After its introduction, quite a few improvements were made to the design of the drip brewer

The drip brewer has been improved several times since it first came on the market. Drip coffee brewer capabilities further progressed in 1979 with the introduction of configured timers. It was easier and more convenient to make coffee because it could be made automatically now. Following this, a coffeemaker that could brew four cups was introduced in 1989. Thanks to this, anyone wishing to consume coffee can find a size to match their desires. Coffee makers will now make one cup of coffee at a time.

As a testament to people’s love for coffee and keeping their convenience in mind there was continuous evolution of coffeemakers.

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