Experiencing Wellness with Formosa Oolong Tea

Many forms of teas are slowly acquiring popularity around the world and most especially in the Western world. The oolong teas are among those that are getting recognition particularly the Formosa Oolong.

The oolong teas are produced in Taiwan. In fact, Taiwan is known to be the biggest producer of the oolong teas that are distributed around the world. It is considered to be one of the most favorable of all tea flavors. Its radiant golden brew makes the Formosa oolong an exhilarating liquor that has earned it a band of devoted drinkers in many countries.  It has that nutty and orangey flavor that deliciously leaves a lingering sweetness on the tongue that would make you want to ask for more.

The Formosa oolong teas are categorized according to how long they are fermented. The first category is labeled as True Formosa oolongs where fermentation process lasts until thirty percent of its leaves are red and seventy percent are green. Another category is called the Formosa Pouchong oolong teas where it is considered as more similar to green tea. The leaves are fermented until about fifteen percent are red and eighty-five percent are green.

The preparation process of these two major categories of oolong teas is began by gathering the leaves early in the day and then laying them under the sun to dry up. Later, the leaves are lightly crushed to make way for the fermentation process to take place. Some tea artisan would take a close watch as the tea begins to ferment and shake the leaves regularly until the necessary amount of time has been achieved for the tea to reach the preferred amount of red and green leaves. The last step of the process is to dry the leaves, sometimes making use of a charcoal before they are graded according to quality and sent for packaging.

Drinking the Formosa oolong tea is a true healthy experience. Generally containing high levels of antioxidants, it is also effective in preventing hear disease and certain types of cancer. If you are trying to lose weight or have lost some due to an illness, you can still nourish your body with important nutrients and experience wellness by drinking the Formosa oolong tea. This tea also contains caffeine and its combination with antioxidants enables it to speed up metabolism and promote fat oxidation. If you are caffeine sensitive, there is no need to pass up an experience to drink Formosa oolong tea because the amount of caffeine present in it does not increase heart rate nor cause nervousness and jitters compared to other caffeinated beverages.

Overall, the Formosa oolong tea is one of the most satisfying and refreshing teas around. For a beginner, it would be the perfect introduction into the world of tea and guaranteed that it is an introduction that would surely leave a mark.

Ann Trenton has been writing Internet articles on different health subjects for the past several years. She is a registered nurse who began writing stories as a little girl. She enjoys writing articles and blog posts about tea and tea time.

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