What Your Fear Says About You

You always have two choices in anything you feel, do or say. You can either respond from your fear center or from your love center.

Fear is not necessarily a bad thing. It is energy that will either fuel change in your life or paralyze you. You can harness the attributes of fear and create your life’s work. Or you can be stopped dead in your tracks because you feel unsafe in this world and cannot hear your soul’s direction.

Watch your thoughts and your emotions.

Are they fearful or loving? Each time you align with fear you keep yourself in confusion. When you align with love, you find consciousness, your inner awareness awakens and becomes strong and clear.

Our world is full of fear. Leaders generate the emotion of fear. You have to ask yourself why? What happens to us and to our world when we stay in fear?

If you don’t want to sit next to the black person, stand next to the brown person, get on the plane with the Pakistan person, you are practicing separation and hate.

That is terrorism in its basic form. If you are racist or if you judge someone based on sexual orientation, then you are living in fear and hatred.

You are practicing terrorism. Unconditional love is compassion in motion. Acceptance and allowance are your soul’s direction and not the direction of hate or fear.

You are either practicing love or you are practicing fear or hate. You cannot serve two bodies of energy.

If you are a believer and speaker of oneness, then you cannot also speak of judgment and/or separation. You have a choice to join into that fear or, instead, to choose the attributes of love.

Would our world transform if we did that?


Is it possible that choosing not to align with fear is your soul’s work?


Our DNA codes will awaken when in the proper vibration or frequency. We all hold codes of fear and love. Which do you want to see active in your life and in the world?

Is it possible, when your life is in confusion and out of control, basically not making sense, that the energy you are in and aligned with are the attributes of fear?

What would happen if you placed yourself in an environment of love’s attributes instead?

Would your life – your world – feel and look better?

Would you heal?

Perhaps it’s not so much about healing, but about alignment. Where are you placing your thoughts, feeling, words, and action? Are you aligning with love, or with fear?

I believe we hold ourselves hostage in fear, based on our need to hang onto our hang-ups or issues. Let’s face it, if we have been processing the same issue for years and have made no progress towards freedom or release, then perhaps we are caught up in the safety and excuse of that issue.

When you can release the illusion of the need to heal something, you are freed to go immediately to the desired outcome of health, balance, peace, and love.

Isn’t that also a choice you could make?

Let go and choose something else.

Let go of the pain, anger, and confusion of it all. Release the attributes of fear and make another choice.

Even if you have to fake it until you make it.

Step into the attributes of love and be unconditional love in motion. Bring compassion to you and your life experience.

What are the fears that hold you back?

Fear of being alone?

Fear of being different?

Fear of living in lack?

Perhaps taking one’s power or of being loved?

Fear that this world is an unsafe place?

The list goes on and on. You have a choice to stay in alignment with those fears or to trust that the Universe is safe and take responsibility for your part of creation.

Fear is energy; think of it as fuel for change.

Take it and use it to move toward your mission, dreams, and goals.

Buried deep within your DNA are codes that you can choose to unlock. When open, they reveal the YOU that possesses the power and the ability to perform your Soul’s work and duty.

You can clear your fears and make available your personal keys to opening your Soul’s codes.

What will you align with fear or love?

More importantly, what do you want to create and see manifest in your world?

Ranoli is a Holistic Home Inspector, Life Development Counselor, Intuitive Environmental Consultant, Author, Teacher and Radio Host on http://HealthyLife.net

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