What Are the Health Effects of Drinking Coffee?

Many people simply do not drink caffeinated coffee because of their fear of negative health effects. The fact of the matter is that recent studies have shown that a moderate amount of coffee could actually benefit you by reducing your overall risk of some serious illnesses and diseases. Many people drink coffee simply because of it’s energizing effects which help keep you awake longer and feeling less groggy in the morning. If you are drinking too much coffee there are of course negative side effects that can come of it despite the positivity of these new studies. This article will look at some of the potential health effects drinking coffee could have on you.

It has been suggested that females who consume excessive amounts of coffee can suffer from infertility and sometimes have problems with birth. There are markedly more stillbirth deliveries inwomen who say they drank coffee throughout pregnancy. Your chances of miscarriages can also be significantly higher if you drink two or more cups per day. Too much coffee during pregnancy can also cause low birth weight. Switching to decaffeinated coffee may not offer a solution, as the chemicals present in the decaffeination process may still be present in trace amounts. Men get the added benefit of a reduced risk of developing gout by drinking coffee. Gout is a recurring condition that is commonly identified by symptoms such as painful swelling and inflammation of the joints – particularly in the foot or ankles. Gout is often considered a condition of the big toe but the truth is it can effect the ankles, legs, arms, and fingers as well. The impact is joints that are hot and tender and may be red or swollen. It’s thought that gout is caused by high levels of uric acid within the body, which is also linked to kidney stones. Research indicates that drinking coffee reduces the level of uric acid in the body.

It is a commonly held belief that caffeine raises the risk of high blood pressure but no formal studies have come to that conclusion. Because coffee is a stimulant, many people feel on edge or irritable after consuming too much coffee. If a susceptible person drinks too much coffee, it’s possible that the caffeine could decrease that person’s resistance to stress. This can make them feel more stressed and anxious about things that normally wouldn’t invoke those feelings. If a person is feeling under stress, symptoms such as an irregular heartbeat, increased heart rate or increased blood pressure may emerge. Those who drink too much coffee are especially susceptible.

Don’t forget that even though there are good benefits for drinking coffee there are plenty of negative effects to remain cautious about. Play it safe by drinking in moderation. You’ll be enjoying some of the recently discovered health benefits and avoiding some of the negative effects by moderating the amount you drink.

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